Nanguo coconut cream powder was patented by the state
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    Recently, the manufacturing technology of Nanguo coconut cream powder was issued the national invention patent certificate by the SIPO. (Patent number :ZL2015 1 0269488.2)

Our coconut milk powder has the feature of good stability, high dispersion and good solubility.


    In 1993, the CEO of Nanguo Foodstuff Industry Co.,ltd, Liu HanXi spent one year developing the first packet of instant coconut milk powder in China , however due to the premature condition, the invention was not timely applied ,but after over 20 years, the coconut milk powder finally was awarded the patent certification.



The NANGUO coconut milk powder breaks the monopoly of Hainan specialty market from liquid coconut water juice, it not only increases the value of coconut, but also raises the farmer’s income as well and enjoys a good reputation of the society.


In 1998, NANGUO instant coconut milk powder was invited to the fifth national food and beverage fair and won the gold medal.


In 2002, NANGUO coconut milk powder already become one of the famous brand in Hainan province.


    The development of enterprise need to be accepted and approved by society, since 1992 until now NANGUO Foodstuff has received many awards from industry including theAgricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise. Shanghai world expo franchisers, civilized and honest top 10 enterprises, China's well-known time-honored brand, Hainan “laozihao”and many other honors.