Nanguo won the best product quality prize in the annual conference of industrial economy.
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On January 8th 2013, the annual meeting of Hainan industrial economy was solemnly held in Haikou city, the relevant department leaders and excellent enterpreneur of industry area as a representative to attend this meeting.


Li Guoliang, vice-governor of Hainan Provincial People’s government sent a congratulatory letter to the meeting.Hainan Federation of industrial economy made a summy report at the meeting and commended the best enterprise and enterpreneur, who performed well in 2012. Hainan NANGUO foodstuff obtains the best product quality award.


Liu hanxi, the CEO of NANGUO foodstuff company delivers a thourghts of the winning, in his speech, he pointed out that the quality of product is very important to the manufacturer, expecially to the enterpreneurs of food production, we obtained this award since we always pay the attention to the quality more than 20years.


Peng qinghai, the president of Hainan federation for industrial economy ,who has a confidence to the local enterprise with unique resource including the NANGUO foodstuff industry Co.,ltd, he said that our Hainan enterprises need to make the most of resource from Hainan Green, Natural, Health etc.

Liu HanXi, the CEO of Nanguo foodstuff Industry Co.,ltd


The best product quality prize in industrial economy field in 2012